3 Gun Competition

August 24, 2019 @ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

46 Emery Rd
Townsend, Massachusetts 01469

3-gun Competition (Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun)

Where: The Townsend Rod and Gun Club
When: 15 June 2019
Match Cost: $25
Check-in: 8am to 9am
Safety brief: 9 am

Register at Practiscore.com


2 Divisions:
“This is the race gun division. You will see the ray gun looking pistols with compensators and red dots, box fed shotguns with compensators and red dots, and rifles with multiple optics, bipods and huge compensators. Pretty much anything you can think of to go faster is allowed within reason.”

Tac ops
Pistol – You are allowed to shoot a pistol in 9mm or larger caliber. The pistol must have iron sights. A red dot on the pistol is only allowed in the Open Division.

Shotgun – You are allowed to use a 20 gauge or larger semi-automatic shotgun. Shotguns must be traditional tube-fed guns. Magazine capacity is limited to 9 rounds at the start. After the start signal you can load more rounds in your gun. The magazine fed guns are only allowed in Open Division. As with the pistol, you can only use iron sights or the typical fiber optic sights found on shotguns. No electronic red dot sighting systems are allowed.

Rifle – You are allowed to use a .223 Remington or larger caliber semi-automatic rifle. You are allowed one magnified optic. Most shooters run a variable power 1-4X or 1-6X scope. You can use iron sights or a red dot as well. You are allowed to run offset iron sights with your magnified optic. You cannot use bipods in this division – those are limited to Open Division. Max Magazine capacity is 30 rounds.

3 Exciting run and gun stages designed to push you and your equipment to its limits.

Minimum Round Count.
Pistol – 120 rounds
Rifle – 120 rounds
Shotgun – 65 birdshot

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