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Christopher V
Pete Martin
Board of Directors, Finance Committee
Glen Johnson
Board of Directors, Remembrance, Treasurer
Jim Kennedy
Correspondence Secretary
P: 978-597-9121
C: 978-870-2819
David Wade
Board of Directors, Range Committee Chair
Keith Letourneau
Board of Directors
Bob Smith
Board of Directors, Black Powder Committee
Mike Schuster
Board of Directors
Jon Sweatman
Indoor Archery Committee Chair
P: 978-597-2440
Dan Lentall
Forestry Committee Chair
Bill Biswanger
Fishing Committee Chair
Mary Letourneau
Kitchen Committee Chair
C: 978-597-5868
Bob LaVertue
Trap Range Committee Chair
C: 978-663-4782
Brett L
Chairmen - Board of Directors
Scott S
Board of Directors
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