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Christopher V
Thiago R
Vice President
Pete Martin
Chairman - Board of Directors, Finance Committee, Property & Grounds
C: (617) 821-6470
Glen Johnson
Board of Directors, Remembrance
Wayne Aquaro
P: 978-597-3364
C: 508-397-4847
Jim Kennedy
Correspondence Secretary
P: 978-597-9121
C: 978-870-2819
David Wade
Board of Directors, Range Committee Chair
P: 978-433-9032
C: 978-852-1724
Keith Letourneau
Board of Directors
Bob Smith
Board of Directors, Black Powder Committee
P: 978-597-5412
C: 978-621-6283
Mike Schuster
Board of Directors
P: 978-597-2232
C: 978-302-2675
Jon Sweatman
Indoor Archery Committee Chair
P: 978-597-2440
Dan Lentall
Forestry Committee Chair
Bill Biswanger
Fishing Committee Chair
Mary Letourneau
Kitchen Committee Chair
C: 978-597-5868
Bob LaVertue
Trap Range Committee Chair
C: 978-663-4782
James C
Board of Directors
Brett L
Board of Directors
Scott S
Board of Directors, Recording Secretary
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