Our Bylaws

Last updated September 1, 2015

Article I: Club Name

The name of the organization shall be The Townsend Rod and Gun Club, Incorporated Herein known as: “The Club”.

Location Address: 46 Emery Road, Townsend, MA 01469

Mailing Address:
Townsend Rod & Gun Club, Incorporated,
P.O. Box 289,
Townsend, MA 01469-0289.

Article II: Object and Purpose

The object and purpose of the club is to better the hunting and fishing conditions; respect wildlife, fellow sportsmen and sportswomen and the landowner; and create a friendlier atmosphere among those interested in these sports. To acquire, purchase, erect, hold, improve, lease and maintain real and personal property as may be necessary and appropriate for the carrying out of the purpose as above stated.

Article III: Membership/Voting

Section 1: Membership

There shall be a limit of active members. This limit is set by the Board of Directors
annually. A majority vote of club voting members present, at a regular meeting, may increase said limit.

A. Adult Membership: Any person eighteen (18) years of age or older.
B. Life Member: Shall be a member of good standing who has paid dues for the previous ten (10) years and has reached the age of sixty-five (65)
C. Honorary Member: Must be voted in as a member at any regular or special meeting by a majority vote of the voting members present. Honorary members shall have the use of all club facilities, but shall not be entitled to vote in any matters of the club, nor hold office. Honorary membership will be in effect one (1) year only. After said period, the Board of Directors can waive initiation fee. Said membership shall be presented by the Board of Directors to the members of the Club for consideration.
D. Student Member: Is any person who is a full time student up to age of 23. A student member is entitled to a reduced membership fee. A student member will have the full use of the club facilities, entitled to vote in any matters of the club and hold office. Full time students over the age of 23 will be reviewed on and individual basis. In order to take advantage of the discounted membership the individual must be a full time student at the time of their application to The Club. Applicant must provide proof of school enrollment to include a copy of their student ID and a course list to reflect enrollment as a full time student as an attachment to their application. Proof of full time enrollment is required for any future membership renewal while claiming student membership.

Section 2: Voting

There shall be two (2) classes of membership defined as follows:

A. Voting: Any member in good standing eighteen (18) years of age or older.
B. Nonvoting: Any member under the age of eighteen (18) and Honorary Members.

Section 3: Applications

Any person, resident or nonresident citizen of the United States may submit an application for membership. Said application will be signed by the applicant and accompanied by the first year’s dues and any fees. Applicant for membership shall attest by their signature on the application that they assent to the provisions of Article XIII, contained in the By-Laws which releases The Club from any responsibility for accidents and/or injuries of any kind which the member or his/her guest may suffer on The Club’s property. Applicants for membership approved by the Board of Directors shall then be presented to membership at the next regularly scheduled membership meeting for acceptance. A newly elected member will be on six (6) month probation.

Section 4: Membership

Membership is defined as either an individual or a family. Family is defined as husband and wife, husband, wife and children under their 18th year, or any combination thereof. Husband and wife will each have one vote. Children in said family will be covered until said children reach their 18th year. Once a family member reaches the age of 18, the individual must apply for a full membership, apply for a Student Membership (See Student Membership) or drop to guest status. (See guest rules) The cost of membership will be the Processing Fee, which is set by the Board of Directors, plus Annual Dues on the recommendation of the Board of Directors. After one year, the member will pay just the annual dues. All members are responsible for reading The Club By-Laws and communications for rule changes and upcoming events. Dues are payable, like all others, in full by the September meeting.

Section 5: Lapsed Membership

Membership fees are due by the September meeting; any member failing to pay their dues by the membership meeting in October automatically forfeits their membership. A member wishing to reinstate their membership, after it has expired, can petition the Board of Directors prior to the November BOD meeting to waive processing fee. All others shall be required to submit an application for membership and shall be required to pay the processing fee, plus dues, to reinstate their membership.

Article IV: Officers, Directors and Standing Committee

Section 1: Officers

The Officers of The Club shall consist of: President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and Treasurer.

Section 2: Board of Directors (BOD)

The Board of Directors shall consist of minimum of seven (7) or a maximum nine (9) voting members, who shall be elected at the Annual Meeting. The Board of Directors shall be the Advisory Group to the Club and its officers. They shall elect their Chairman and Recording Secretary. They shall have the authority to spend an amount not to exceed $3,000 in matters considered by them as emergencies.

Section 3: Standing Committees

The Standing Committees and their appointment shall remain with the President, with the approval of the Board of Directors. The Standing Committees shall be as follows;

A. Rifle Range
B. Trap Range
C. Property and Grounds
D. Finance
E. Entertainment
F. Legislation
G. Remembrance
H. Fish & Game
I. Archery
J. Black Powder
K. Forestry
L. Historian
M. Coon Dog
N. Kitchen
O. Advertising
P. Media
Q. Action Shooting Committee

Article V: Duties of Officers and Directors

Section 1: Duties of the Board of Directors (BOD)

The Board of Directors (BOD) shall meet monthly and/or at the call of the President or any officer of the club. The monthly meeting is to conduct business on behalf of The Club. The Board of Directors has the right to call Committee Heads to this meeting if it is deemed necessary. The Board of Directors Recording Secretary will present summary at the monthly meeting of club members. The quorum for any meeting of the (BOD) shall be a minimum of five (5) members. In the event of an emergency, the BOD with minimum of five (5) members, voting by “telephone” and or “electronic communications” if necessary, may conduct emergency type business. When such an emergency type business is conducted, the Chairman, or the Officer functioning under the Chairman’s authority, shall make a complete written report to the full Board at their next regularly scheduled meeting. The Board of Directors shall obtain and approve all insurance policies of The Club.

Section 2: Duties of the President

The President shall manage the affairs of The Club, with the advisement of the Board of Directors, and shall preside over all monthly meetings of The Club. The President may at his/her direction call meetings of The Club, Directors and any Committee. He/She shall perform all duties required by the By-Laws of The Club. He/She shall appoint the Nominating Committee, the Grievance Committee, the By-Law Committee, and the Election Committee when required. The President shall obtain the State Corporate License, read over, and submit to the Treasurer for payment. In the absence of both the President and the Vice President, the Chair of the Board of Directors, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary shall preside at all monthly meetings in that order.

Section 3: President’s Special Committees

a. Nominating Committee
The President can either appoint a chair and have the chair pick the rest of the committee, or the President can pick the entire committee himself. The Nominating Committee shall bring in at the meeting preceding the Annual Meeting, a list of names to be voted as officers and any elected officials for the ensuing year.

b. Grievance Committee is appointed to hear a protest of expulsion or suspension by the Board of Directors from the member in question.

c. By-Law Committee is appointed when the President deems it necessary to have the By-Laws looked at for possible change. The President can appoint a chair and have the chair pick the rest of the committee, or pick the entire committee himself. Any changes this committee makes must go through the Board of Directors before being presented to the membership.

d. Election Committee shall be appointed by the President on the night of the election. The Election Committee shall be different from the Nominating Committee. They are responsible for the counting of the votes cast at the Annual election. They should select a spokesperson to address the members of the results.

Section 4: Duties of the Vice President

In case of the absence or disability of the President and provided he is authorized by the President or the Board of Directors so to act, the Vice President shall perform the duties of the President, and when so acting, shall have all the powers of that office. The Vice President shall have such other duties as from time to time may be assigned to him by the Board of Directors or by the President. The Vice President shall see that all licenses, such as the State Corporate License, Fish Propagation License, plus the club’s insurance policy or policies and Performance Bond or Bonds are renewed on an annual basis and report same to The Club during the fiscal year.

Section 5: Duties of the Recording Secretary

The Recording secretary shall keep a true record of all monthly and special meetings.

Section 6: Duties of the Corresponding Secretary

The Corresponding Secretary shall conduct the correspondence of The Club and keep all membership records for The Club and be responsible for the collection of dues and turning them over to the Treasurer. The Corresponding Secretary shall have a current list available at each monthly meeting.

Section 7: Duties of the Treasurer

The Treasurer shall collect and have charge of all funds and pay all validated bills of The Club. The Treasurer shall keep an accurate record of transactions and make a monthly report of same. The Treasurer shall collect any monies and paperwork from the Committees at the monthly BOD or regular meeting following an event. The Treasurer shall, when required by law, make a Federal Tax Return, and give an annual statement of all financial transactions from the preceding fiscal year to the membership. The Treasurer will be the advisor to the Finance Committee.

Article VI: Suspension or Expulsion of Officers, Directors, Members

Section 1: Officers, Directors
A. A member in good standing may prefer charges against any Officer or Director.
Charges must be in writing, clearly stating the facts, and must be accompanied by
supporting evidence, which will be used to support the charge(s). Such charge(s) shall be
filed with the Recording Secretary who will immediately notify the President. If charges
are filed against the Recording Secretary, they shall be submitted to the Vice President.
B. Upon notification that charges have been filed, the President will call a meeting of the
Board of Directors. Notice of the meeting must be given by the Secretary, allowing a
minimum of fifteen days (15) notice of the meeting to each Board member, and the
accused, and the accuser. Notice will be given in writing, and will include a true copy of
the charges and supporting affidavits and exhibits.
C. Any Officer or Director subject to suspension or expulsion must be given a minimum
of fifteen days (15) notice of the time and place of the special meeting for a full hearing.
An Officer or Director may be removed by a two thirds (2/3) vote of the members of
good standing present and voting at the special meeting.
D. At the special meeting called for the purpose of hearing the charges, the
Secretary will keep minutes of all actions taken and will record the vote. A secret vote
will be taken after all testimony has been heard. The Secretary shall, at the next regularly
scheduled meeting of the Club, read the minutes of the special meeting of the Board of
Directors at which the charges were heard and the action taken. A vote taken at the
membership meeting will be a ballot of the members in good standing and present. It
shall require a two thirds (2/3) vote of the membership present to reverse an actions taken
by the Board of Directors.
Section 2: Members
A member that acts contrary to The Club By-Laws, posted or written rules an regulations,
or behaves in a manner that would bring discredit to The Club, may be:
A. Suspended by the Board of Directors for a period of not more than one (1) year or:
B. Expelled permanently from membership by a two thirds (2/3) secret ballot vote of the
Board of Directors. Any member so suspended, may request in writing, a hearing on the
suspension/expulsion, through the Grievance Committee, consisting of at least three (3)
members. If the Grievance Committee finds just cause for a hearing by the full
membership, they will demand that the BOD take the matter before the entire
membership, either at a regular meeting or a special meeting called specifically for the
purpose of reviewing the matter. If a special hearing is called, the membership, after
hearing the case, may, by secret ballot, vote to either uphold or deny the suspension/
expulsion. A simple majority will prevail. If the Grievance Committee upholds the
decision of the Board of Directors, no further discussion will be allowed to be raised from
them at any regular monthly meetings. Any member violating this provision will
themselves become subject to suspension or expulsion.

Article VII: Duties of Standing Committees
The Standing Committees shall be appointed by the President and approved by the Board
of Directors within two (2) weeks after the annual meeting. Their duties shall be as
A. Rifle Range Committee shall have full charge of the rifle and pistol range or any
other events that are conducted with firearms at the rifle range. They may arrange for any
and all activities with other appropriate committees of The Club.
B. Trap Range Committee shall have full charge of trap shooting, skeet shooting, or any
other events that are conducted with firearms on the trap shooting grounds and skeet
field. They may arrange for tournaments or weekly activities with other appropriate
committees of The Club.
C. Property and Grounds Committee shall be responsible for upkeep of the grounds
and club property. They shall coordinate with and assist other committees using the
D. Finance Committee will audit the Treasurer’s and Corresponding Secretary’s
accounts, and all other committees that have accounts at least annually. They will work
with the Treasurer to set up an Annual Budget for the Club.
E. Entertainment Committee shall have charge of various forms of entertainment for
the Club.
F. Legislation Committee and delegates to the organizations which The Club belongs to,
or their alternates shall make reports and recommendations on matters within the scope of
the Club for the purpose and interest to the membership.
G. Remembrance Committee shall send flowers and cards to all members and
immediate family members in case of illness or death, all at the discretion of the
H. Fish and Game Committee shall purchase fish from a club approved vendor and
have charge of ordering and releasing all fish and game bought by or donated to The
Club. This Committee is also responsible for the care and renewal of Fish Propagation
I. Archery Committee shall oversee all archery events and the promotion of archery in
the Club. This Committee is also responsible for the upkeep of all archery ranges,
indoors, outdoors and all equipment.
J. Black Powder shall oversee all black powder events and the promotion of primitive
skills in the club. This Committee is also responsible for the upkeep of the black powder
range and meeting areas/shelters.
K. Forestry Committee within the Club for the purpose of maintaining Chapter 61 (Tree
and Farm Act), and for the conservation of water and forest products and for the good of
the Club. The Forestry Chairperson shall have the authority to sign the Forestry Contracts
and provide a copy of the contract to the Board of Directors.
L. Historian shall keep records of the history of the Club and file such records at The
M. Coon Dog Committee shall have charge of all coon dog events and be responsible
for the maintenance of related equipment.
N. Kitchen Committee shall have charge of the kitchen and support all club events.
O. Advertising Committee shall arrange for press releases and advertising in local print
media for club events.
P. Media Committee shall maintain the club website and electronic communication
services such as email for the promotion of club events and dissemination information.
All Committee Chairpersons will be responsible for turning in all monies and paperwork
from events on a monthly basis. The Committee Chairpersons should turn in the funds
and paperwork to the Treasurer at the following monthly BOD or regular meeting.
Q. Action Shooting Committee shall have full charge of the Action Shooting ranges or any
other events that are conducted at the Action Shooting range(s). They may arrange for any
and all activities with other appropriate committees of The Club.

Article VIII: Meetings
Section 1: Regular Meetings
Regular meetings are to be held on the “first Monday” of each month. The meeting shall
start promptly at 7:00 PM, unless an announcement is made otherwise.
Section 2: Special Meetings
“Special Meetings” may be called by the President, and/or The Board of Directors. Also,
upon the request of a minimum of ten (10) members, having submitted a signed petition.
When such is made, the Board of Directors must take action on the request within, (30)
days after receipt of such request. Notice of any Special Meeting must be communicated
electronically, which will suffice in notifying all members of said meeting.
Section 3: Annual Meeting
The Annual Meeting will be held on the second Monday of September. This meeting will
include installation of Officers and Directors.
Section 4: Quorum
The quorum for any meeting shall be a minimum of nine (9) voting members.
Section 5: Rules of Order
All meetings of The Club shall be governed by and conducted in accordance with
Robert’s Rules of Order, a copy of which shall be available at every meeting.
Section 6: Attendance of Nonmembers
Nonmembers may attend any meeting of The Club. However, they may not participate in
any discussion or vote on any motion made at the meeting.
Section 7: Meeting of Officers and Directors
The meetings of the Board of Directors (BOD) shall be open to all members. Only after
being recognized will a member be allowed to participate, and then, only on the subject
for which the member has been recognized. Further, should the Chair, or in his absence,
Vice Chair of the Board of Directors, deem it necessary, he/she may call the Board into
Executive Session and close the meeting to all but the BOD members.
Section 8: Order of Business
The following Order of Business shall prevail at all Board of Directors and
General Membership Meetings:
· Meeting called to order
· Roll call of members
· Report of Recording Secretary
· Report of the Treasurer
· Report of the Corresponding Secretary
· Election of Members
· Report of Committees
· Unfinished Business
· New Business
· Good of the Club
· Adjournment
Article IX: Elections
Section 1: Officers and Directors
Nominations to fill the positions as Officers and Directors in The Club shall be made in
July and August. Nominations shall be made by the Nominating Committee. Additional
nominations will be accepted from the membership at the July and August meetings.
Nominations will be accepted from the floor the night of the Annual Meeting. Elections
shall be conducted in September, at which time, newly elected Officers shall be installed.
All terms will run for one (1) year.
Section 2: Voting
Voting in elections shall be by secret ballot. Ballots shall be destroyed by the Secretary
after the results have been confirmed by the Election Committee. The results of the count
shall be recorded and maintained by the Secretary.
Article X: Dues
Section 1: Structure of Dues
It is the responsibility of the Board of Directors to review the dues structure of The
Club and to make recommendations to the membership concerning same.
Upon approval of changes in the structure of dues, entry fees, and other fees, this
information shall be displayed on the Club bulletin board and sent electronically.
Section 2: Payment of Dues
The membership dues of The Club shall be determined by the Board of Directors and
approved by the membership. The dues are payable on or before the first Monday of the
regular meeting in September, but no later than the regular Monday meeting in October.
Any member who has not paid by the October meeting will be subject to Article III
Section 4.
Article XI: Guests
Members of The Club may bring up to three (3) guests to the Club, but anyone individual
can only enter Club grounds as a guest no more than three (3) times. Guests may not
remain on club grounds if the member leaves. Members are responsible for all the
actions and conduct of their guest while on club grounds. All guests must be
accompanied by a member at all times.
Article XII: Interpretation of By-Laws
In respect to all questions on the interpretation of the Constitution and By-Laws of The
Club, the decision of the Board of Directors will be final.
Article XIII: Limitation of Liability
The Club shall not assume any responsibility for accidents or injuries of any nature
whatsoever received by any member or guest using club facilities, or participating in any
game, event or contest, or receiving injuries from any cause while participating in any
activity on club grounds or events sponsored by the club, but not on club property.
Article XIV: Dissolution of The Club
If at any time the organization should be disbanded or dissolved, all assets of The Club
should be used for conservation and wildlife purposes only. The Club and its grounds will
be reverted to an appropriate land management agency as directed by a two thirds (2/3)
vote of the voting members. Change to the by- laws: This latter provision will not be
changed by the vote of The Club.
Article XV: Amendments to the By-Laws
The Constitution and By-Laws of The Club may be amended, altered, repealed, or a By-
Law added, by a two thirds (2/3) vote of the voting members present and voting at any
meeting, providing such intent to amend, alter, repeal, or add a By-Law has been
submitted in writing to and approved by the Board of Directors (BOD). The by-law
change will then be posted on The Club Website for at least seven (7) days prior to the
next regular monthly members meeting and email sent out to all members (with a valid
email address) again at least 7 days prior to the next regular monthly members meeting.
The By-Law change will then be brought to the floor for discussion at said meeting and a
vote taken. If the by-law if further amended by the members, a second seven (7) day
publication and revote will be made at the following regular members meeting. The
exception to this article is Article 14.

Article XVI: Sale or Purchase of Property

The selling of any Club assets, excluding land and buildings, or the purchase of any by The Club, shall require a two- thirds (2/3) vote of the voting members present and voting. Members of The Club must be notified of the action to be taken in a clearly described notice, which shall be distributed/published electronically. The Secretary shall record the names of all those present, and confirm their membership standing. Voting shall be by secret ballot. The results will be counted, verified by a second count, and then recorded.

General Rules

1. Members shall maintain the posted speed limit.
2. All members are required to place trash in containers.
3. Members are responsible for the conduct of their children, and/or guests. All children and guests must be accompanied by a member at all times.
4. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. A member found in violation of this may be suspended for up to one (1) year.
5. A member found stealing or causing malicious damage to club property, or to private property of other persons, will be required to make restitution. The member may be subject to further disciplinary action by the BOD. (Article VI, Section 2) and a report of the incident will be made to the local authorities for possible prosecution.
6. The Club shall not be responsible for any accidents or injuries to members or guests, while on the grounds or at club sponsored events. (See Article XIII Limitation of Liability).
Ground Rules

1. Club property shall not be removed from the grounds without the majority approval of the Board of Directors or the Property and Grounds Committee.
2. Club grounds and building shall not be used for private parties, training courses, etc., without the majority approval of the Board of Directors or vote of membership. A fee will be levied against all for profit activities by a member, non member or organization for the use of club activities. This fee will be 20% of the gross returns of the approved function or activity.
3. Days when group activities are in progress, the member in charge of the event or their designee shall close and lock the gate.
4. Open fires are only allowed in designated areas and in a properly constructed fire pit for cooking. Barbecues are the exception. All fires must be doused with water. The Board of Directors has the right to disallow ALL FIRES at high fire danger ratings and post such notice on club house door.
5. Tents, tent campers and trailers are allowed on Club grounds. Note, there are no hookups. No sewerage discharge allowed on Club grounds.
6. Cutting of trees on Club grounds allowed only with approval from the Board of Directors.
7. No unnecessary trash or dumping of any type will be allowed on club grounds.
8. A member can ask any person on The Club grounds, including the buildings, ranges or ponds, to produce proof of membership

Pond Rules

All members wishing to fish The Club ponds must follow the three (3) trout limit per day per membership rule. Anyone fishing the pond must have a current membership card on their person or be a guest of a member with a card. Anyone without a card will be asked to leave the property immediately. Refusal to comply with this rule shall be taken as trespassing with criminal intent (stealing fish) and the police should be notified. A Club member may bring up to 3 guests. There is a three (3) trout limit per membership per day. This limit also includes the guest that is fishing on your membership card. Simply put, you and your family and/or guest are allowed to keep only three (3) trout between you. Fishermen may use two (2) setups (example, 1 baited stationary and 1 spinning tackle) per person at any given time. Ice fisherman may use no more than a combination of three (3) setups (example, 2 traps and 1 jig stick). Catch and release is encouraged. Released fish are not counted as part of your catch. Any fish intended for release should not be bleeding. Fish that have a hook deep in the throat is a dead fish. Do not return this fish to the pond. Releasing a fish should be done with great care. If a fish has landed in the dirt, grass or sand, it is likely not going to survive longer than forty-eight (48) hours, so don’t release it. It is considered one of your three (3) fish. If a fish is considered for release, wet your hands and release fish without removing fish from the pond. Any type of bait may be used.

1. Persons using the pond or grounds are to place all litter in trash barrels.
2. Profanity and obscene language is discouraged.
3. Members bringing children are responsible for them. This means an adult must be with
the child at all times while on the club grounds.
4. Swimming in the pond is allowed, swim at your own risk. Fishermen will always
have first priority to ponds, but cannot deliberately fish where people are swimming.
5. Fires on the ice are prohibited.

Range Rules

1. When the range officer or their assistant is present, he/she is in charge.
2. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed at the range. No member or nonmember may shoot if they have been drinking. This is inclusive of the trap, pistol and archery ranges.
3. Paper targets and targets approved by the Range Committee or the Board of Directors will only be allowed. There will be no glass, cans, plastic or trash items allowed.
4. After using target frames, remove from range and store at canopy.
5. Shooting at The Club structures is not allowed. A person caught will be suspended and restitution sought from the individual(s).
6. There shall be NO “TRICK SHOOTING”, quick draw, or fancy play with firearms. The only exception to “TRICK SHOOTING” is if it is Club sponsored. At this time, the Senior Range Officer will lay out the ground rules. If He / She is unavailable, then the Board of Directors will make the necessary decisions.
7. A person using the rifle or pistol ranges shall be required to have the appropriate authorization (FID Card for rifle and shotgun; License to Carry for pistol), except when accompanied by a member who does possess the required permits. Any such person must remain under the direct supervision of said member at all times. A person attending a Club sanctioned course of instruction will not be required to comply with the above requirements, provided, however, that they shall remain at all times under the direct supervision of the licensed instructor.
9. When using any of the ranges, no one is allowed to venture down range unless all firearms and bows are unloaded and placed down on the counter and the all clear is given. Only then can a person go down range. While the person is down range, no one is allowed to pick up or handle any firearm or bow. When the person returns, he/she will again give the all clear. This will be strictly enforced.
10. All shotguns, rifles and pistols are to be unloaded when you leave the range. The only exception is for a person who has a License to Carry a pistol.
11. Hearing and eye protection is recommended.
12. Guns must be placed unloaded in provided stands when not in use.
13. Rifle and Pistol Range Hours – 9 AM to sunset seven days a week.
14. Any range may be closed per order of the Board of Directors during other events. Range closings will be posted at ranges.
15. No one under any circumstances will leave behind or throwaway on club grounds any live or misfired ammunition. A dud box is provided at the range.
16. All shooting must be into a backstop to prevent projectiles from leaving club property.

Trap Range Rules

1. Hearing and eye protection recommended.
2. Shooters must have empty chambers until their turn in rotation on the line.
3. No more than one (1) shell in chamber, or number of shells required for a turn.
4. No one is permitted down range without permission of the range officer.
5. Before anyone is permitted down range, chambers shall be emptied, and an all clear shall be given.
6. No alcoholic beverages before or during shooting session.
7. Observers must remain outside of shooting station area.
8. Range officer has complete control during shooting session.
9. Guns must be unloaded with the action open and placed in provided stands when not on firing line.
10. Shooting fees shall be set and posted by the trap committee.
11. Range closed during special club events, archery, rifle range, fishing derby, except by Board of Directors directives.
12. Trap Range Hours are set by the Trap Committee and shall be posted on trap house door. No shooting prior to 9 AM.
13. When the trap house is open and working, a shooting fee will be charged. The fee for members will be less than for nonmembers




Any member who loses their membership gate card will have their card replaced after the associated fee from the 3-tiered system has been paid to the club.
The 3-tiered system will be as follows.
1st offense = $10 to replace card
2nd offense = $25 to replace card
3rd and all additional offenses = $50 to replace card
Broken membership gate cards will be replaced with at no charge, but the old broken card must be handed in at the time of exchange.
Requests for more than $500 of club money, that has not been allocated in the annual club budget, requires BOD approval prior to a membership vote.
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